Thursday, January 29, 2015

McCarthy "agrees with the intent" of Burnett's title game slide

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy probably doesn't like that Morgan Burnett slid on his NFC Championship Game interception, but he is still okay with it. 

In an article recently published by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, McCarthy said he "agrees with the intent" of Burnett's decision, which appeared to end the contest at the time. 

Taking place with just over five minutes on the clock, Burnett's now-infamous takeaway likely would have set up a long touchdown if the Packers safety had kept running, not that it was all his fault. 

Green Bay DE Julius Peppers could be seen giving Burnett the "go-down" signal on the play, so he is at least partially to blame for the mistake. Still, it's not like you could really point to it as the sole reason for the loss, as the Packers had plenty of opportunities afterwards to pull away. 

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Brandon said...

It sounds like he's sticking up for his players. I can't recall another time I've seen a player give himself up on an interception with that much time on the clock. I don't know what they were all thinking, except maybe Peppers didn't know how much time was left on the clock.