Monday, January 12, 2015

Lang Attempts to Explain Personal Foul Penalty Versus Cowboys

We all saw how unintelligent Packers OL T.J. Lang's personal foul penalthy was in Sunday's second half against the Cowboys, but still, Lang's trying to explain it. 

Here's his full quote regarding his seemingly random knocking down of a Dallas player early in the contest's third quarter, courtesy of The Green Bay Press-Gazette's Mike Woods:

"I was jogging down there, saw Davante fighting for extra yards, saw a guy wrapping him up still trying to take him to the ground and I thought I heard the whistle as soon as I made contact with the guy. I didn't think it was late, that's not the kind of game I play. I just try to take care of my guy."

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Brandon said...

Unfortunately he didn't finish the hit before the whistle blew. He was late but I understand he was in a tough spot. But he shouldn't have let himself get in the tough spot in the first place.