Sunday, January 18, 2015

Reaction: Packers give up with seven minutes to play in crushing loss to Seahawks

You guys already know what happened today, so I'm not going to explain it. Still, this is a Packers site, and on it today must be discussed.

Today, the Packers played perfect football for 53 minutes. They picked off Russell Wilson four times, kept the Seahawks to just seven points, and led by 12. They had the ball after a Morgan Burnett interception, and for a second it was all over.

In my own household, there were cheers. Plans for a Super Bowl party were already being made while discussions on the upcoming AFC game took place. For a second, everything was perfect. The Packers, with a half-injured QB in Aaron Rodgers, had upset the mighty Seahawks on their homefield, and memories of Rodgers' famous "relax" comments came to my mind.

Then, all the sudden, something struck the Packers. The team who seconds ago had all the momentum in the world seemed to just turn off. Their attitude could be compared to what always happens with them: they stop playing prematurely, and almost blow the game.

Key word there is almost, because this time they actually did it.

Wilson led Seattle downfield at will to make it 19-14 and the usual nerves began to fill me. As always, I didn't expect the Packers to make it easy for themselves, but still, I was sure they'd find someway to finish it off.

Then Bostick dropped the onside kick, and I, probably along with the rest of the Packers' fanbase, knew it. The Packers were screwed, or any other word you would like to substitute there. 

Seattle scored again without trouble and went for two. Fortunately, on this play, Wilson ran back to the 20, so it could be assumed he had no chance of converting the play. However, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, having the game of his life, thought differently, and decided to play what can only be described as stupidly for the first time all afternoon. He let a receiver catch a lob pass the receiver had no business catching, and the score became 22-19. Game over, right? Nope, the Packers still weren't done screwing with our heads.

Because Rodgers, refusing to let his uninterested defense ruin his season, amazingly got the Packers all the way into field goal range within the next minute, setting up a Mason Crosby 48-yarder to tie things. Hope, I thought then. Maybe this'll just be a really awkward victory that we'll still appreciate.

No, because by chance the Packers then lost the coin toss (not sure which genius thought that idea up 100 years ago, but that's another story), and the Seahawks had the ball. I wasn't happy about this, but I tried to be optimistic. The Seahawks had had multiple worthless possessions up to that point, so maybe the Packers could force another. 

But remember, this is the Packers, and consistency is not one of their values. Indeed, after somehow forcing the Seahawks to face a 3rd-and-6, Green Bay gave up a pair of deep pass plays, the latter of which put six points on the board. And just like that, the dream was dead. The idea of watching TV personalites talk about the Packers' brilliance became nothing. The two weeks in which I was looking forward to writing about every aspect of the Super Bowl: nothing as well. 

Basically, the Packers let me down in this one. I appreciate the division title and the Cowboys win and all, but really, I don't. Had they lost this game in the first quarter, I'd be fine. They gave it their best shot and got this far and all, but just weren't good enough in the end. 

Only they were good enough. Maybe that's why I'm so upset right now. They had a chance to write a story. They had a chance to shock the bandwagon fans of the Seahawks, (Yeah, I'm calling you out. There were not this many Seahawks fans before last year) and play Tom Brady for their own trophy. But no, they traded it all away, essentially all their hard work since the summer, because they thought it was over. 

Bottom line: this season should be remembered for Rodgers' greatness, Davante Adams' emergence, Eddie Lacy's refusals to go down, and the 12-4 record. But it won't, at least not in the minds of Packers fans. Instead, it'll be seen as the lost season, somewhat of a forgettable one.

And after today's fourth quarter, maybe it should be.

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Brandon said...

I was more pessimistic than you and only made a couple thoughts of the possible Super Bowl game. You also seemed to have more faith in the defense than I did after they started looking gassed in the 3rd quarter. I'm still appreciative of their almost great season, but the end of this one was heartbreaking. I'm still not recovered.