Friday, January 30, 2015

Packers fire ST Coordinator Shawn Slocum

In a move you can't call surprising, the Packers have fired ST Coordinator Shawn Slocum, reports Pro Football Talk. 

Slocum, who has worked with the team since 2006, struggled mightily when coaching his guys during the recent conference championship game, letting the Seahawks turn a fake field goal into a touchdown while failing to recover a late onside kick that would've ended it.

Slocum was wished well by Mike McCarthy when the announcement was made Friday, but again, it wasn't at all strange to hear he had been let go. Speculation of Slocum's termination began the moment the Packers lost to Seattle, the reason they obviously aren't playing in the Super Bowl this weekend. 

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Brandon said...

I'm surprised. I went back and found an article in 2010 expressing my surprise that he wasn't fired. He seemed immune from bad results. But their special teams were so bad in the NFC Championship game that it's made a difference.