Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Matthews open to playing ILB in 2015

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews certainly seemed to do well when playing inside this season, and the veteran says he's open to trying it again in 2015.

Here's his full quote, courtesy of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Tom Silverstein:

"I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the change. At the same time, I'm very good at getting after the quarterback off the edge, so I think there's a fine line. So, we'll see. Week in and week out you never knew if I was going to be there 100% of the snaps or only 10. We'll see what that means moving forward."

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Brandon said...

I'm glad he's open to the idea, but they really need at least one real inside linebacker to replace A.J. Hawk. Sam Barrington was OK but it wouldn't hurt to upgrade from him too. Matthews is more valuable outside and it's not like they don't need him out there too. When Matthews did play inside, it often meant more snaps for Mike Neal, who was awful last season.