Monday, February 16, 2015

The Packers Release TE Brandon Bostick

It's a tough business, and I hope he does well in life, but I wasn't expecting the Green Bay Packers would ever give a fringe player like TE Brandon Bostick another chance. A lot of players have lost their spots on the team for a single bad play/decision during a preseason game, the ill-advised jump by former TE Colt Lyeria during their 2014 Family Night scrimmage is a recent example, and those former players had nothing even close to Bostick's blown blocking assignment during the NFC championship game.
For his part, he appreciated the opportunity in Green Bay and he's staying optimistic about the future. They gave him a chance and it didn't work out, which is something that can be said for dozens of undrafted players every year who are signed/worked out by the Packers. Of course, Bostick's missed opportunity will always be more memorable than almost everyone other undrafted rookie who had their first NFL opportunity with the Packers.

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