Sunday, February 08, 2015

McCarthy considering giving up play-calling duties

Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy is considering giving up his play-calling duties,'s Rob Demovsky reports. 

McCarthy has thrown around the idea of promoting Offensive Coordinator Tom Clements and letting him decide the team's strategies in 2015, according to Demovsky. 

If that plan comes to fruition, WR coach Edgar Bennett would replace Clements in a corresponding move. Bennett has held his current job since 2011.

Nothing is official yet, but expect more to come of this. It can certainly be argued that McCarthy's questionable choices in the NFC Championship Game had something to do with the Packers' losing that contest, so it wouldn't be that strange if this news is in fact true. 

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Brandon said...

It's an interesting rumor which is from a reliable source (Chris Havel from Fan 1075). If it does happen, it'll probably happen soon because the coaching staff re-evaluation is usually the first thing that happens every offseason.

It won't make a lot of difference because it'll still be McCarthy's offense and Aaron Rodgers might call as many as half of the plays himself. If Clements isn't OC anymore, now assistant head coach, and Bennett is OC, promoted from WRs, they'll likely hire a WR coach. At first look it might seem like McCarthy wants to hand off play calling duties, but maybe he wants to hand off some preparation responsibilities during the week by having another offensive assistant in the mix.