Monday, February 02, 2015

Packers third most likely team to win Super Bowl 50, Bovada says

The Packers' 2014 season certainly came to a rough end, but the oddsmakers apparently still think they're pretty good.

Or at least that's opinion the online sports book Bovada seems to have, with the website giving the Packers 8-1 odds to win Super Bowl 50 in a list released Monday. 

That line is the third best in the league, trailing only the two teams who played yesterday. The Seahawks are first at 5-1, and the Patriots are second at 7-1. 

As for the rest of the NFC North, the Lions are a low 33-1, and the Bears and Vikings are an even lower 40-1. 

Definitely not bad news if you're a Packers fan. 

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Brandon said...

Based on last season, that sounds about right. I"m surprised the Lions are so far down but it's not going to be a good offseason for them if they lose Suh.