Thursday, February 21, 2013

James Jones says that he's against helmet-to-helmet hit rules

As you all know, the NFL has become obsessed with protecting it's players from head injuries. One of these new rules is that you can be given a 15-yard penalty for a helmet-to-helmet hit on another player, a rule that Packers WR James Jones disagrees with.

“I think the helmet-to-helmet rule, where defenders have to hit at a certain target, I think they need to eliminate that,” Jones said. “I’d rather get hit in the hlemet and shoulder than have a defender take my knees out.”

Before I saw this, I agreed with the league. Now, I think Jones has made a good point. A concussion is nowhere near as bad as a torn ACL, yet the long-term effects will always be there. A torn ACL takes about a year to recover from, head trauma lasts forever.


Brandon said...

I'm wondering if there's some short term thinking here on Jones' part. An ACL can take away one or two prime years as a player, while concussions are usually something a player has to deal with after he retires from football. Sometimes a player like Jahvid Best has his playing career ruined by concussions, but it's far more likely for a playing career to end due to knee injuries.

Anonymous said...

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