Sunday, February 10, 2013

Packers have 6th toughest schedule in 2013

The 2013 NFL schedule were released recently, and the Packers weren't forgotten about. The Packers, who's nationally televised games often draw high ratings, have been given the sixth hardest schedule in the league.

When you combine the records of the Packers' opponents, it is 136-119-1, a .533 winning percentage. Here are the only other five teams with tougher schedules:

1. Panthers (.543 opponents' winning percentage)

2. Lions .539

3. Saints .539

4. Rams .539

5. Ravens .535

And the remaining strength of schedule rankings:

7. Cardinals .520

8. Dolphins .520

9. 49ers .520

10. Vikings .516

11. Seahawks 516

12. Bengals .508

13. Jaguars .508

14. Patriots .508

15. Falcons .504

16. Bears .502

17. Bucs .500

18. Redskins .498

19. Jets .496

20 Eagles .496

21. Browns .492

22. Steelers .496

23. Titans .488

24. Giants .480

25. Cowboys .480

26. Bills .473

27. Texans .473

28. Chiefs .473

29. Raiders .469

30. Colts .461

31. Chargers .457

32. Broncos .430

Somehow the 13-3 Broncos got the easiest one. Who else thinks that's stupid?


NorthStarr said...

I've never put much stock in this, myself.

Next year's opponents will be different teams next year than they were this year.

So, looking at this year's records of next year's opponents isn't nearly as telling as looking at NEXT year's records of next year's opponents will be.

Bottom line: The toughness of a schedule can't really be known until after that season is played.
Anything figured pre-season, based on the previous season's records, is merely an illusion that fools many.

Brandon said...

That's just how the schedule goes. The NFC North features two teams (Bears, Vikings) with winning records last season. And in 2013, it's the NFC North's turn to play against the AFC North and NFC East, which features three other playoff teams and a couple other teams (Giants, Cowboys, Steelers) with good records that didn't make the playoffs. The two other games (49ers, Falcons) make sense because playoff teams should play other playoff teams, and it's similar to what the 49ers got from their two other games (Packers, Redskins).