Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Rodgers wants Favre to re-join Packers Family

After the awkward reunion while presenting the Comeback Player of the Year Award, Aaron Rodgers has said that Brett Favre and the Packers should bury the hatchet.

On Tuesday, Rodgers went on ESPN Radio and said this:

"As the face of the franchise now," Rodgers said, "(it's) a role that I take very seriously. I have the responsibility and enjoy having the opportunity to represent my team. I think it's important to realize that it is probably time to move forward."

Rodgers also said that he and Favre talked on the phone the night of the award ceremony.

"It didn't take a lot of coaxing for me to do it," Rodgers said. "I did want to sit and think about whether it was the right thing to do. I really feel very secure in my position with the team and feel good about the things that we've been able to accomplish in my five years as the starter, and feel good about the direction the organization is going in."

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Brandon said...

I expect Favre and the franchise will reconnect in the future, but it doesn't seem like either side is in a big rush, which is probably for the best. The divorce wasn't pleasant. I think it'll still take a couple more years.