Friday, February 15, 2013

Vikings enhance logo

Yesterday, the Minnesota Vikings showed their new slightly-different logo to the media. The team called the logo more "sharper" and "defined" than their old one.

Some differences with the logo are the horns being a different shape, thicker lines on the mustache, a brighter gold, and a shorter braid. It was tough to find these and, honestly, I think that this new idea is stupid. It's barely noticeable and I don't see what they're gaining from this. But, I guess they get attention.


Brandon said...

If I hadn't seen them side-by-side, I probably couldn't have spotted any differences. I guess it's a reason for them to have a press conference. And talk about something other than Percy Harvin's potential holdout unless he gets paid like the top WR in the NFL.

Stroh said...

Leave it the viqueens to make a change w/o making a change! Can only hope the change their hideous colors, but that would be asking too much.

Brandon said...

Oh man, if they did hypothetically pick a new team color, wouldn't they be likely to pick something even more awful? You know they would.