Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Packers roster ranked sixth strongest in league by

Yesterday, presented their strongest 2013 rosters, with the Packers finishing in sixth. I'm kinda surprised that they missed the top five, since the 5 team was the New England Patriots. In my opinion, if those two teams had played each other in the regular season, whether it was in Green Bay or New England, the Packers would've won. I don't know if it would've been a blow out, but it still would've been a win.

The website stated that the Pack need to fix their offensive line. I couldn't agree more. Rodgers gets sacked way too often and needs much more protection.

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Brandon said...

I read the article at and wasn't terribly impressed. It seemed to be based on which teams played well last season and didn't have any big losses in free agency (Ravens). Though ranking the Broncos No. 2 made it seem like the article was written before they lost Dumervil. Not that his loss is a fatal blow, but after watching the Packers defense struggle some with only Matthews as a serious pass rushing threat, the Broncos need someone other than just Von Miller to get the job done.