Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Report: Colts sign Matt Hasselbeck

I don't why, but something about this signing really intrigued me. According to USA Today, the Colts have signed free-agent QB Matt Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck's attempt to succeed in Tennessee last season was a complete failure and, after being released by the Titans, he just wants to start over.

Obviously, Hasselbeck has no chance of starting for Indianapolis, but he still seems to have a solid shot at his first Super Bowl ring. Hasselbeck came close a few times while with the Seahawks, but never went all the way. Maybe he'll get it. Maybe he won't. I, personally, don't expect him to and even if he does it would be tainted by the fact that he never played.

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Brandon said...

I was a little surprised he signed so quickly with a team that gives him no chance to start. But his agent had probably been doing some work in anticipation of the release and figuring out which teams were actively talking to other free agent QBs. I'm not surprised there's no market for Hasselbeck, but I'm surprised he didn't hold out for a better opportunity.

Also, another bad organizational decision. $4 million out the window for a player you never want to see on the field. They don't need a young QB in Indianapolis but it can't be that hard to find another college QB who'd be as good as Hasselbeck next season (that's a low bar to clear).