Monday, March 04, 2013

Report: Greg Jennings wants $12 million a year

According to, former Packers WR Greg Jennings wants to be payed an average of $12 million a year. If he does make that much, he would become the third-highest payed WR in the league.

To any team who is considering spending that kinda money on him, it's a mistake. As a Packers fan, I have seen this guy play a lot, and he isn't that amazing. The most I think he deserves to make is $5 million. Or, he could just become a franchise player and deserve more. But he won't be doing that anytime soon on a team that already has Aaron Rodgers.

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Brandon said...

The only disclaimer is the $12 million in salary cap money might be pretend money. The WR franchise tag is just over $10 million and Jennings should receive at least that in guaranteed money. But when his next contract is announced, it might be some big 5-year $60 million deal, but only $10 million is guaranteed.