Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Packers listed as three point favorites to beat Ravens Sunday

Despite just losing LB Clay Matthews for the next month, the Packers are actually listed as three point favorites for this Sunday's game in Baltimore. The Ravens, who currently sit at 3-2, are coming off an ugly win over the Dolphins this weekend, 26-23. 

While this surprisingly good prediction is nice to have, I don't think Green Bay will win. They're a good team and all, but it's in Baltimore. It's one of those games that the home team usually wins. I'm not saying they have no chance, but if I had to bet my life's savings on this game I'd go with the home team. 


Brandon said...

You don't think the Packers will win? Shame on you (just kidding). But actually I feel really confident about it, even without the Claymaker. Flacco has been in one of his INT funks and their offensive line is terrible. If they can protect Rodgers, Terrell Suggs is off to a monster start, they should win.

Jack Niemuth said...

My prediction:
Ravens 30 Packers 24