Saturday, March 22, 2014

Details of James Starks' contract released

The details of Packers RB James Starks' 2-year contract have been released, and really, there's a lot more money involved in this deal than I expected. Apparently, Starks will make $750k this year and $1.175 million next year in base salary, while also collecting another $725k as a signing bonus. 

So yea, it looks like #44 is getting pretty rich off this contract that just makes him a backup. Don't know if I really like giving up all that money so that he can sit on the bench for 95% of the game, but since it keeps him around for depth and costs just $1.37 million against the salary cap I guess it's worth it.

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Brandon said...

It's not like Ted Thompson to spend almost $1.5 million on a backup, but they probably have more room under the cap then they can use and he does provide depth.