Thursday, March 20, 2014

Former Bears WR Hester wants $4 million a year

Free Agent WR Devin Hester, who was released by the Bears earlier this offseason, is apparently asking for a contract paying around $4 million a year, NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk reports. In his career, Hester has returned 18 punts/kickoffs for touchdowns, the most in NFL History. 

So yea, if that report is accurate, then I guess the Packers might as well go get this guy. He may cost them a lot of money, but who cares? With him on the team Cobb wouldn't have to act as a return man, which is something that would really help him stay healthy. 


Brandon said...

He's crazy if he thinks he'll get $4 million per season. Somehow he got a three-year deal from the Falcons.

Jack Niemuth said...

Damn I really wanted him