Monday, March 24, 2014

Should the Packers consider signing Mark Sanchez?

I know this idea sounds stupid (it probably is), but considering that Matt Flynn has yet to be re-signed and it's unlikely that the Packers will just go with that Scott Tolzein guy as their backup this season, it could actually happen. I mean, recently-released Jet Mark Sanchez, whether you like him or not, is probably the best QB currently available, as he's got two conference championship game appearances under his belt, so yea, why shouldn't the Packers at least give him a look? Sure, he's inconsistent, but remember, the chances are strong that they'll probably never have to use him. 


Brandon said...

I can't imagine he'd want to sit in Rodgers's shadow. There are so many teams with weak QB situations or looking to draft a QB, and he'd have a much better chance at playing time in those spots.

BJ Rassam said...

It'll be interesting to see where Sanchez lands - don't think it'd be Green Bay, but you never know.

Brandon said...

It's rumored he's going to the Eagles. That would be very ironic, since he was released so the Jets could sign Vick, but his other option with the Rams was appealing too. I think the Eagles is a better choice for him and a decent value signing for the Eagles.