Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Packers Head Coach McCarthy convinced team is better after draft

Now that the 2014 NFL Draft and its aftermath have officially concluded, the question is raised: what does the staff think of the new guys? 

Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy was asked that very question yesterday by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Tom Silverstein, giving an overall enthusiastic answer. 

"(We're) absolutely (better)," McCarthy said. "Not a team in the league doesn't feel better. Our players in program is off to a great start. Number of players we've added and now in process of adding new members. Definitely a shot in the arm when these guys come in. We got better (this weekend)."

While it's obvious that the Pack didn't get worse with their acquisitions, I'm still skeptical about this year's rookies. Not because I see any real issues with them (I'm actually pretty excited about Cal's Richard Rodgers), but simply because I'm always doubtful when it comes to draftees. Sometimes they turn out like Aaron Rodgers, but most of the time they turn out like Nick Perry, a guy who came with a lot of hype but ended up being just a frustrating mix of injuries and unproductiveness. 

Now I'm not saying that that always happens, but come on, it's definitely a recurring problem in this league. That can't be denied.

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Brandon said...

Absolutely it's frustrating. I'm only expecting about three of these recent draft picks to be actually useful. That's the typical success rate. Unfortunately, I have no idea which players will be the good ones.