Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thompson: Drafting Rodgers not connected to Finley

While Jermichael Finley's NFL future is currently unclear, there is one aspect of his drama that I consider to be a safe bet: that the Packers don't want to let him go. 

Finley, who suffered a severe, possibly career-ending spine/neck injury in last season's Week 7 win over the Browns, caught 223 passes for 2,785 yards during his six seasons with the team, making him a fan favorite and one of the most feared Tight Ends in the league. 

2013's event, unfortunately, brought that all to a grinding halt, forcing Green Bay to look elsewhere for #88's successor. 

During last weekend's draft, they appear to have finally found him in Cal's Richard Rodgers, although General Manager Ted Thompson insists the two are unrelated. 

“I don’t necessarily think the two are tied at all,” Thompson told the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel's Tom Silverstein earlier this week. “We were just trying to pick a good player.”
While what Thompson says could be true, I'm not necessarily going to buy it. Had Finley stayed healthy throughout last season, it seems unlikely that the team would look for another TE the way they did, especially since they seem to have such bigger needs elsewhere.

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Brandon said...

I agree with you, it seems much less likely that Rodgers is their 3rd round selection if they re-sign both Finley and Quarless, but I can see how TT can think that both players could co-exist on the roster. Rodgers doesn't slam the door on Finley's return.