Thursday, May 08, 2014

Packers take Oklahoma State CB Justin Gilbert 21st overall in latest ESPN Mock Draft

So far this offseason, plenty of names have been thrown around as possible Packers first round picks, but according to's NFL experts, the Pack Beat Writer Rob Demovsky included, we'll be surprised when tonight comes around. Because, in their opinion, the 21st player taken in this year's draft won't be Ohio State LB Ryan Shazier or North Carolina TE Eric Ebron, but instead will be underrated CB Justin Gilbert, a four-year Oklahoma State star.

In his college career, Gilbert's numbers, though not necessarily as impressive as Shazier's, were pretty good, as the Huntsville, Texas native collected a combined 182 Tackles and 15 Interceptions. If you like math, that's an average of 45.5 takedowns a year, a stat that likely won't translate to the pros yet is still definitely impressive. 

Now if the Packers do end up taking Gilbert with their first pick I won't necessarily be ecstatic(I'm keeping my fingers crossed when it comes to Eric Ebron), but I don't think I'll get too down either. This guy clearly has a lot of talent, so if he ends up being available after Shazier and Ebron have been taken I'd have no problem seeing him get called to the stage.

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Brandon said...

Gilbert is a great talent, a bit inconsistent, but he won't be an upgrade either Shields or Williams in 2014. I can't see them selecting him unless he's the last guy left on their draft board with a 1st round grade (that's how they ended up with Rodgers in 2005).

Ebron would be a huge addition, if he really did turn into the next Vernon Davis.