Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Seahawks GM Schneider could end up succeeding Packers Thompson

Seahawks GM John Schneider could end up succeeding the Packers Ted Thompson when the latter retires, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Bob McGinn reports. Schneider, a De Pere, Wisconsin native, was with Green Bay for 8 seasons from 2002-2009, first as a Special Assistant and then later as the club's Director of Football Operations.

In 2010, Schneider was hired by Seattle to his current position where, as we all know, he's done pretty well, helping the Seahawks make 3 playoff appearances (2 NFC West Titles) and win their first ever Super Bowl last year.

According to McGinn, Schneider even considers the Packers GM position his "dream job," meaning that it's likely he won't pass up the spot if it's offered to him.

Still, right now this whole idea is just a possibility, so we have to make sure not to get too ahead of ourselves with it. Thompson's current contract doesn't end until the conclusion of the 2016 Draft, and in that time a lot of stuff could happen. Who knows? Maybe Schneider grows in the Northwest and ends up deciding to stay. From what I've read that's unlikely, but it, along with Thompson just signing a new deal, is still plausible.

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Brandon said...

Odd time for this story. I wouldn't be surprised to see Schneider in Green Bay again. As good as things are going right now for Schneider in Seattle, situations change. But right now, such a scenario seems years away.