Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Aaron Rodgers Still Isn't Healthy

Practice was partially open to the media on Wednesday, and it didn't look good for QB Aaron Rodgers. He still hasn't been cleared by their medical staff and he took reps with the second team. He still has the rest of the week to improve and get medically cleared to play, but it doesn't look good.
The Steelers are better than their 6-8 record would indicate, though they're also better than the Dolphins yet somehow they lost to them two weeks ago in Pittsburgh. It's much harder to see a path to victory without Rodgers, but playing at Lambeau with a heavy dose of RB Eddie Lacy might do the trick.

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Jack Niemuth said...

I think they'll win this game regardless of who's at QB. But I think the win will be a lot less stressful if Rodgers is in