Monday, December 02, 2013

Media still unsure if Rodgers will play against Falcons

Well, these last few days have been incredibly frustrating for us Packers fans.  After we were told for weeks that Aaron Rodgers would return for the Atlanta game, we are now being told that somehow Rodgers' collarbone has not yet healed and that he may now miss another week.'s Ian Rapoport tweeted this yesterday:

"Dec. 8 has been the target date for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to return. Source now tells me “he’d be lucky” to be able to return this week."

However, ESPN's Bob Holtzman reported the exact opposite:

"Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says he hopes to play next Sunday, and he thinks his collarbone is completely healed."

So, who do we trust? An unnamed source or Rodgers himself? 


Brandon said...

During the broadcast, Aikman said that Rodgers was throwing without pain during warm-ups. He's getting close to returning, but I don't want him to come back too soon and risk serious injury. Especially against the Falcons in what might already be a lost season.

Jack Niemuth said...

If he can, let him. In my prediction earlier this week, I said that the Bears and Lions need to both lose twice. Well, Chicago's already lost once. So, if you're playoff hopes are alive, make sure to keep them that way

PackFaninFl said...

It's interesting. With the Bears losing to the Vikes, assuming we beat them in Chicago, we really may just pass them.

Seems doable.

So I think the only real challenge is Detroit. If Detroit loses at Philadelphia and we beat Atlanta, riding Rodger's triumphant return (and look strong doing it), we will be 1/2 game behind Detroit and ALL the pressure SHIFTS on to Detroit.

They will be looking over their shoulders big time. Can Schwarz, Stafford, et al handle the stress?

Could get mighty interesting after this weekend.

Of course, if Detroit wins in Philly, I'm calling it for the Lions.

Jack Niemuth said...

Just need them to lose twice. As long as Rodgers plays, the Pack have this thing. I know it