Monday, December 23, 2013

Reaction: Packers drop meaningless game to Steelers, 38-31

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Well, as you probably already know, the Packers lost in exciting fashion yesterday to a team who had nothing to play for in the Steelers, 38-31. As I've said before, I was at the game, and was a little disappointed that it wasn't a win. But, in the end, it didn't matter. The Lions somehow lost to the Giants, while the Bears were embarrassed by the Eagles. Now really, the Eagles shouldn't have tried to win last night since the game was meaningless for them, but they did. So let's all thank them for that. 

Back to the point I was trying to make, yesterday's game was meaningless. Despite sitting at just 7-7 (the tie doesn't count at all, 7-7-1 is equal to 7-7), the Packers came out of the contest the same way they came in: a half game out. Meaning that all they gotta do is beat the awful Bears next week and they're NFC North Champs. Now Rodgers could be back next week, but if he isn't I don't think it'll matter. The Bears are terrible right now while the Pack are okay. And okay teams usually beat terrible teams, at least in my opinion.  

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Brandon said...

Nice seat (at least compared to where I usually sit). I kind of agree with your OK vs. Awful team projection for next week, but I'll change my mind if Trestman will bench Cutler for McCown.