Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rodgers to visit with doctors tomorrow

According to Josh Alper of NBCSports.com, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, who has missed the team's last five games with a broken collarbone, will meet with doctors tomorrow, where the decision on whether or not he will play this weekend will likely be made. Despite winning their last contest over Atlanta on Sunday, Matt Flynn again struggled as the team's starter, so it's likely that if #12 doesn't play they won't win. 

So, there you go. We know when his fate will be decided, so now let's start the countdown. Keep in mind, them losing this Sunday wouldn't technically knock them out of the playoff race, but that doesn't change the fact that another W would still help a lot. 


PackFaninFl said...

It's over.

Just heard on ESPN radio that Flynn will start next week.

Also read that Rodgers is now saying he still feels pain (as late as last week, Wednesday)

So yeah, it's over.

Jack Niemuth said...

It's not official that he won't start yet, but it's likely