Thursday, December 12, 2013

Quarless: Rodgers took some 11-on-11 reps Wednesday

According to ESPN's Jason Wilde, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, who is said to be unlikely to play this week, took 11-on-11 reps with the team's starters yesterday. In his tweet, Wilde also mentioned how TE Andrew Quarless was the one who "spilled the beans" about this piece of news, meaning that the Pack just might've wanted to keep this a secret. 

So, what do we make of this? Now I don't want to sound conspiratorial here, but could it be possible that the Packers are trying to give the impression that Rodgers is more hurt than he is, in order to make the Cowboys less worried about this Sunday's game? That's likely not the case, but, in a way, it could be. 

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Brandon said...

Aaron Rodgers is great in many regards, but he doesn't seem to be a fast healer. I'm not surprised that the Packers are trying to keep as much information as possible in house, coaches love their secrets, but I don't think Quarless's slip matters. I'm still not expecting him to play. The Cowboys' front seven is so injured that they might prefer to play against a pass heavy led Rodgers team than a run heavy led Lacy team.