Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014 NFL Combine: What To Watch For The Packers

Is GM Ted Thompson smiling? That would seem unlikely, he's talking to a bunch of reporters, but you never know. Of course, he didn't say anything very interesting, unless you're shocked to learn that they'd like to re-sign CB Sam Shields and they haven't given up on last year's first round pick, DE Datone Jones.
I don't expect anything to be settled for the Packers based on this weekend's combine. Without a high selection (No. 21 overall), they're not going to know how things will work out until the draft actually happens on May 8th.

(Why the heck is it so late this year? They seriously couldn't figure out the logistics at Radio City Music Hall?).

Right now, there are a bunch of defensive lineman who are generally projected as late first round picks (Kony Ealy, Louis Nix, Dee Ford, Aaron Donald, Timmy Jernigan) but who knows which player will actually be available. If you'd like them to draft another player like Mike Daniels, then I'm a big Aaron Donald fan. Thompson's never drafted a defensive back in the first round, but I guess there's a first time for everything. He did it once with LB A.J. Hawk, but I'm not expecting he'll ever draft an inside LB in the first round again.

Also, their focus could change based on free agency, even if they don't sign any free agents from another team. Will they re-sign Shields? Will they give B.J. Raji another chance? Whatever happens with those players will effect their draft strategy.

Obviously this is an important week for their scouting department, but most everything written about it now is just going to be speculation.

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