Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Former Packers OLB Coach Greene snubbed out of HOF again

Earlier this week, former NFL LB Kevin Greene, who coached the Packers OLBs from 2009-2013, was unfairly snubbed out of the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the third straight season. Greene is currently third on the all-time sacks list, so this whole thing is obviously pretty ridiculous. 

I'll be honest, I don't know how many years you're on the ballot in the NFL, but stil, I'd imagine that Greene's waited long enough. I mean, he was pretty good when he was in uniform, so why can't he just get what he deserves? This really isn't that hard of a decision, voters.

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Brandon said...

I'm a little torn on his nomination. He was good for a long while, but I never felt like he was a defensive MVP candidate. He was sneaky good; you'd forget about him until he'd make a big play. Greene was similar to current player John Abraham, who had a bunch of sacks and made the Pro Bowl, but that doesn't make him a HOF candidate either.