Thursday, February 13, 2014

Could the Packers make a run at Brandon Weeden?

Yesterday, as you might've heard, Browns QB Brandon Weeden made headlines around the sports world by saying that he wants to leave the team. Now of course, it's still likely that he won't actually get his wish, but hearing that story immediately made me wonder: could the Packers make a run at him, if he becomes available? The simple answer to that question: yea, they could.

Last season, Weeden had an awful QBR of 24.7, which, while terrible, was still 5.3 points higher than Matt Flynn's 19.4. So yea, in my opinion, Ted Thompson should at least check in on this guy. He could actually end up being the backup they've been looking for.


Brandon said...

I don't see how Weeden could ever be a legitimate starting NFL QB. But the Packers have shown interest in guys who really aren't good enough. They signed Vince Young last season, and they thought about trading for Colt McCoy back in 2012. If the price is right (it cost them little to sign Young last preseason) they don't seem to mind kicking the tires on a player.

Berdj Joseph Rassam said...

What exactly does adding Weeden do to enhance the Packers pursuit of a title? Next to nothing.

Jack Niemuth said...

A better backup in case Rodgers goes down. What do you think?