Thursday, February 06, 2014

Giants Safety Rolle reportedly recruiting Packers Finley

After watching the Super Bowl with him, Giants Safety Antrel Rolle is apparently attempting to lure Packers TE Jermichael Finley to New York, reports. Finley, a 2008 Packers draft pick, will be a free agent this offseason, so the fact that some teams are already trying to attract him isn't surprising. 

Now while a move to the Big Apple by #88 is possible, I don't see it happening. Finley recently was quoted saying that he wants to be in Green Bay for life, so as long as they show interest in him I just can't see him leaving.

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Brandon said...

Now that former Packer coach Ben McAdoo is now the Giants' OC there will be those types of rumors; former Packers going to join him. Also the Giants don't have anyone special at TE. Some was written about players like Matt Flynn going to join Philbin when he took over in Miami, but nothing came of that.