Monday, February 10, 2014

Packers reportedly favoring Tolzien over Flynn for their 2014 backup QB job

According to, the Packers, despite the fact that Matt Flynn led them to two big wins last season to keep them in the playoff race, are currently favoring Scott Tolzien for their 2014 backup QB job. Tolzien was terrible last year, going 0-2-1 in the three games he played, so why they're doing this is confusing if you ask me. 

On the other hand, Tolzien definitely could improve this offseason, but of course, it's still too early to know that for sure. I personally don't he will, but since I can't guarantee anything I guess we'll just have to watch the preseason.


Brandon said...

Looking at records aren't really a good way to compare them. Actually I think I'll write a short post about it.

Jack Niemuth said...

You're probably right, but you gotta think that Flynn's the better of the two