Monday, February 24, 2014

James Jones' time in Green Bay likely over

James Jones' time in Green Bay is likely over, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Bob McGinn reports. According to McGinn, the Packers are yet to offer the 29-year old receiver a new contract and, "in all likelihood," never will. Jones has played each of his first 7 NFL seasons with the team, catching a total of 310 passes for 4,305 yards, so this definitely a big deal. 

Now overall, I've liked having Jones on the team, but really, he's not that good. He's basically just another Greg Jennings, meaning that he's only as good as his QB is. So yea, I guess I'm fine with this decision. I'll still miss Jones a little, but in the end, his absence probably won't affect anything that much. 

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Brandon said...

It's kind of like 2011 again. The Packers made little effort to re-sign him then, and surprisingly he was re-signed for three more years.

He's been durable and he's just as productive as ever. The bigger problem is that both Cobb and Nelson will need new contracts after 2014. With Boykin able to step into the No. 3 role, I can understand why they might want to spend their money elsewhere.