Thursday, May 01, 2014

Packers hire Steve Marshall as new Assistant OL Coach

Following the resignation of Joel Hilgenberg earlier this week, the Packers hired a new Assistant Offensive Line Coach in veteran Steve Marshall yesterday, NBC's Mike Wilkening reports. 

Marshall, who served as the OL Coach at New Mexico State University last season, is no stranger to the NFL, as he has previously served positions in the league with Texans from 2002-2005 and the Browns from 2007-2008.

During that time in the pros, Marshall's Texans usually struggled pretty largely, averaging just 223.3 yards/game in 2002 (last in the NFL), 269.1 in 2003 (31st), 320.5 in 2004 (19th), and 253.3 in 2005 (30th). 

When he went to Cleveland that all at least somewhat changed, as the Browns put up a solid 351.3 yards/game in 2007 (8th) before dropping back down to 249.1 (last) the following year, but still, he was definitely consistently bad. In his defense, pretty much all of his career the club's he's helped coach have been bad (the Texans went just 18-46 and the Browns 14-18 during his tenures with them), and since those numbers did come with overall weak rosters you probably can't put their existing completely on him.

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Brandon said...

And here I was thinking they might not hire a replacement at all. So wrong.

It is interesting that a couple of recent hires (first Ron Zook and now Marshall) come with so much experience. Whereas the coaches they're replacing had little experience before being hired.