Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Packers likely to bring 4 QBs to training camp

The Packers are likely to bring 4 QBs to training camp, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Tom Silverstein reports. Last season, as you all probably remember, Green Bay went into the preseason with this exact same strategy, as backup candidates Vince Young, Graham Harrell, and B.J. Coleman were all cut within the month of August. 

As of now, the Pack are currently eyeing four notable propects: Pittsburgh's Tom Savage, San Jose State's David Fales, Ball State's Keith Wenning, and North Dakota State's Brock Jensen. 

Last season, Wenning put up the most impressive numbers of the group, connecting on 35 TDs for 4,148 yards. Besides him, Fales also showed a lot of promise, throwing 33 TDs for 4,189 yards in the weak Mountain West. 

As for the other two, Savage, being in the most difficult conference, was solid for the Panthers, completing 61.2% of his passes for 2,958 yards. Jenson, on the other hand, was also okay, completing 66.3% of his throws as his Bison won their third consecutive FCS national title.

Now while that three straight championships stat is cool, Jenson did play against pretty easy competition, so it's likely the Pack won't persue him that aggressively. 

As for Savage, his transferring twice makes him a mystery, so I wouldn't count on Green Bay taking him, either. 

So, it seems like Wenning and Fales are the two most likely candidates for the job. That doesn't guarantee that we'll actually get to know them, as the plan right now is just to have someone challenge Tolzein for the No. 3 spot or kick Flynn out if Tolzein impresses, but still, it could happen. I guess that makes it worth our attention. 


Brandon said...

Savage currently has a 2nd round grade on him, so I wouldn't expect him to be drafted by the Packers.

Fales and Wenning could be drafted (it'd be a shock if Jensen was drafted), but all three QBs could be undrafted and free agent targets. All three could be good candidates for the practice squad.

I've really liked your writing over the past few posts. It's nothing I can put my finger on, but they just seem stronger.

Jack Niemuth said...

That's because I recently got hired to PackersGuru.com. I'm required to do longer posts there, so I guess I'm also doing longer posts here.