Saturday, November 08, 2014

Bears/Packers Final Prediction

My prediction for tomorrow's Bears/Packers game:

Score: Packers 38, Bears 14
I see this contest going the same way as the Panthers one did a few weeks ago. The Packers will get off to a quick start, pull away early, and then put Matt Flynn in for the fourth the quarter. In the end, the Bears will get a little closer due to Aaron Rodgers' abscence, but still, they'll lose by a lot.

Because the Packers are simply the better team here. In recent weeks, Jay Cutler has really struggled, while Rodgers, with the exception of the Saints' game, has excelled. I think we can all agree that makes for an obvious advantage for the home team.

Leave your thoughts below on how accurate you think mine are.

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Brandon said...

Before the game I would have thought that your prediction was about right. The Bears were a lot worse than I expected.