Monday, November 10, 2014

Reaction: Packers Blowout Bears in Week 10

My thoughts after watching the Packers blowout the Bears yesterday:

1. Aaron Rodgers is a Legitimate MVP Candidate: 
Not many people seem to want to admit it, but it's perfectly clear. Rodgers is having another great year right now, and at the very least he deserves to be considered for the honor.

2. The Bears aren't Turning Their Season Around:
Not that I wanted them them to, but yeah, they're done at this point. They're just not good enough.

3. Playing at Lambeau Will Win the Packers the Division By the End of the Year:
It might not be easy, but nonetheless, it looks bound to happen. 

Let's hope I'm right.


Berdj Rassam said...

It was a great win for the Packers, but no one should get too excited because the Bears are nowhere near the elite playoff teams that the Packers will eventually have to compete against.

Brandon said...

True. It did show that the Packers can play lights out when on their game. Also, it showed that the Bears are going to have to completely rebuild their team before they're going to turn it around.