Tuesday, November 04, 2014

McCarthy's Gotten Paid and Derek Sherrod Is Released

I think it was a gimme that the Packers would extend Mike McCarthy. There's been no reason to let him walk, and there's no obvious replacement in sight either. Two of his possible replacements have left in recent years, Ben McAdoo is off to a great start with Eli Manning and Joe Philbin's Dolphins have been outstanding over their last five games (with only a last second loss to the Packers as the exception), and I have no interest in seeing either of their current coordinators (Tom Clements and Dom Capers) become their next head coach.
The big roster move was the release of former 1st round pick Derek Sherrod. This was a simple move to make. They needed to open a roster spot for JC Tretter to return from IR and Sherrod was clearly their worst lineman this season. The fact that Tretter played tackle in college, and is more likely to play guard than center at this time for the Packers, probably helped make the move easier because of the flexibility he provides. They could have released RG Lane Taylor instead, who's been just as awful this season as Sherrod in fewer snaps, but I don't have a problem choosing Sherrod over Taylor.

I do wonder what is going to happen with Sherrod. He's still got impressive size and looks like a NFL mauler. In some ways, 2014 is like a rookie season, because he missed 2012 and 2013 due to injuries. He's a developmental project, but he looks healthy and he might have better luck developing with a different franchise.

One side note was the addition of LB Joe Thomas and RB Rajion Neal to the practice squad. Both players were making noise in training camp before they were both injured in the first preseason game. I was very interested in watching Thomas last preseason, but he only got a few snaps on special teams. I'm not expecting to see either of them on the field this season, but I'm glad they're back in the fold for possible returns in 2015.

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