Monday, November 10, 2014

Packers ST Coordinator Slocum: Boykin's "Forced Fumble" A Blocked Punt in My Opinion

Packers Special Teams Coordinator Shawn Slocum thinks Jarret Boykin's forced fumble from yesterday should've been considered a blocked punt.

The unusual play featured Boykin somehow kicking the ball before Bears' Punter Pat O'Donnell did, resulting in a turnover. Boykin never touched it with his hands, technically taking the block factor out of his effort.

Nonetheless, Slocum isn't having it. Here's his full quote, courtesy of's Rob Demovsky:

"In my opinion, it's a blocked punt. We're moving forward. Whatever they want to do statistically, they can do. We'll go in the room Wednesday and say, 'Great job on the blocked punt, now let's get ready for the Eagles.'" 

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