Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rodgers: My Back Feels Tight From Standing Around So Much Sunday

Aaron Rodgers doesn't seem to want the Bears to feel any better.

He showed so during his Milwaukee radio show earlier this week, when he claimed that he stood around so much during Sunday's victory that his back is actually stiff right now. It's a safe bet Rodgers is just joking here, but nonetheless, this story is interesting.

Here's Rodgers' quote, courtesy of's Rob Demovsky:

"My low back was actually hurting…I think I attributed that to standing around the entire time as the second half went on, not [from] anything that happened on the field…The guys took really good care of me on the field. I barely got touched all game, but my back actually got a little tight on the sideline…I forgot what a strain that can be to stand there and watch."

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