Sunday, November 16, 2014

Reaction: Packers Blowout Eagles to Move into First Place Tie

The Packers walked all over the Eagles 53-20 today in a fashion most probably didn't see coming. Here are my takeaways from it:

1. The Packers are the best team in the North:
After today, that seems clear enough. I know Mark Sanchez was starting, but wow, 53 points.

2. Mason Crosby:
I know the Packers won here by 33, but that doesn't mean Crosby looked particularly sharp. He barely made two short attempts, missed a usually-automatic 50-yarder, and had an extra point blocked. Might be something to think about.

3. Now the Road:
If this team is as elite as they seem, they'll do this same thing next week in Minnesota. Just getting a close victory would prove they're only good at home.

Leave your thoughts below.


Brandon said...

I'd be very surprised if they didn't do this next week against the Vikings. Bridgewater did not look good against the Bears defense this week.

I didn't think too much of Crosby; it was some special teams breakdowns. Bad snap/bad hold by Masthay on one PAT and a block on the other. And a terrible job up front on the blocked punt. None of these things have been a problem on special teams before this game, so I expect they'll clean it up this week.

ACP's Daily Life said...

Honestly there is three words that explain this game "Aaron it out".