Friday, December 12, 2014

Facing Orton, Packers Expect Sunday's Game to be Close

Kyle Orton has given the Packers some trouble over the past few years, so it's that surprising they're expecting him to give them all he has Sunday.

"I've always thought he's been very productive," team Head Coach Mike McCarthy recently told's Rob Demovsky. "We've obviously played against him in Chicago, Denver, Kansas City. Played very well against us in Kansas City down there in 2011. He has complete understanding of the offense. He can make all the throws. He can still sling it. I think he does a very good job with their offense." 

Orton's led his overall-unamazing Bills to a 7-6 record this season, so it's only reasonable to expect him to keep things close this weekend. How close is expected by many to be the only mystery, though, as the Packers have won each of their last five by a total of 88 points (a 17.6 per game average). 

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