Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rodgers: Possibility of Bye Week Motivated Me to Come Back in Lions Game

Aaron Rodgers knew he was hurt Sunday, but wanted the bye week for rehab.

At least that's the reason he gave The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Tom Silverstein for why he came back from the calf injury, one which bugged him last week as well. Here's his full quote, courtesy of Silverstein:

"As bad as I felt, I thought if I can go out there and be able to do some things and we win, I get another week to rehab. That was definitely in my mind. Obviously, that doesn't enter the minds of the medical staff. They're thinking about what's in the best interests of the player. But Doc and I have a great trust between each other and we did a little fist pound, and after I told him I felt good and Mike said OK, he just trusted that I was not going to do anything stupid."

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Berdj Rassam said...

Rodgers is the heart and soul of this team.