Thursday, December 04, 2014

Packers Favorites to Win Super Bowl Going into Week 14

All that hard work is finally paying off.

The Packers' odds to win February's Super Bowl (7-2) this week, released by the popular online sportsbook Bovada, are the highest in the league,'s Rob Demovsky has pointed out. This isn't a huge surprise considering the Packers just beat the previously-thought-to-be-best Patriots Sunday, but nonetheless, it's interesting.

The rest of the list's top eight:

1. Packers, 7-2
2. Patriots, 15-4
3. Broncos, 17-4
4. Seahawks, 13-2
5. Eagles, 12-1
6. Colts, 18-1
7. Lions, 25-1
8. Cardinals, 28-1

Anybody else have any thoughts? If so, please share them in the comments section.

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Brandon said...

The Seahawks are moving up that list pretty fast too. Home field is so important for both the Packers and Seahawks that if the Seahawks can eventually move ahead in seeding, I'd have to expect they'll move ahead of the Packers in this ranking.