Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Reaction: Packers Struggle in Second Half, But Still Find Way to Beat Falcons

Last night's 43-37 win over the Falcons wasn't perfect, but still, it was a win. Here are my thoughts on it:

1. The Defense Struggled:
I'm not sure this will become a recurring problem, but it's definitely something to take note of. The Packers' defense looked awful yesterday, and that can't be a good sign with the postseason just around the corner. 

2. Starks Played Pretty Well:
Not as well as Lacy, but certainly solidly. Can't hurt anything if he keeps it up.

3. At the End of the Day, It Was Just a Monday Night:
Maybe the Packers just weren't used to not playing on Sunday. Who knows?

Leave your own takeaways below.

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