Monday, December 29, 2014

Reaction: Packers Take NFC North Again With 30-20 Win Over Lions

(View from my Seat)
My thoughts after watching the Packers beat the Lions yesterday, clinching for the former a fourth straight NFC North title:

1. The Dreaded Goal Line:
The Packers still can't punch it in from inside the 10, so that was annoying. Hopefully Lacy will just start jumping over the line again once the playoffs start.

2. Rodgers is Hurt:
The stadium died when he left and lit up when he returned, but nonetheless, he's still kind of hurt. Definitely not favorable at this time of year.

3. Another Strong Outing From the Defense:
They gave up a pair of touchdowns when Rodgers was out, but besides that they were very good at killing Detroit's momentum. 

Leave your own takeaways below. 


Brandon said...

Those two TDs drives by the Lions showed how good Stafford can be, but otherwise the defense was solid. The more I think about the playoffs the more I think the defense has to step up.

Brandon said...

Also, that looked like a pretty good seat. Better than any I've had at Lambeau.

Jack Niemuth said...

Yea they're awesome. That's the advantage of having ticket holders in the family