Friday, December 05, 2014

Masthay: This Has Been a Weird Year

Packers P Tim Masthay is beginning to notice that he's punted less (37 times) than anyone else in the league this season.

"This has been a weird, weird year, but particularly weird the past month for me and for our punt team," Masthay recently told The Green Bay Press-Gazette. "Minnesota, the game at Minnesota, was a fairly normal rhythm. We had four punts, and they were scattered throughout the game. At least in my time here, we've never been a team that's punted heavily, because we've always had a strong offense. So having four or five punts a game, scattered, that's kind of the normal."

Masthay has a point, as the Packers have had two games this year in which both they and their opponents never punted. Prior to this season, that had only ever happened once, proving its unusualness. 

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