Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reaction: Packers' Road Struggles Reach New Low With Loss to Bills

My takeaways from today's 21-13 loss to the Bills, which drops the Packers' record to 10-4:

1. Aaron Rodgers Can Have Bad Days: 
The Packers QB completed just 17/42 for 185 yards, 2 interceptions and no touchdowns, proving he is in fact human.

2. Road Struggles Not Getting Any Better:
It used to be the Packers just couldn't blow out bad teams, but now I guess they can't even beat okay ones.

3. Still Just One Game:
I wanna be mad right now, but really, it's not easy to be. The Cardinals won't hold onto the one seed, nor will the Eagles compete for it. Everybody relax.

Leave your thoughts below.

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Brandon said...

It was surprising they lost by only 8 points considering what a disaster it was passing the ball against the Bills.