Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dom Capers wants Packers to force more fumbles in 2013

In an interview with, Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers emphasized how much he wants his team to force and recover more fumbles in 2013. So far at the OTAs, the defense has done just that. 

“You see us going to the ball with a little more intensity, you see everybody poking at the ball, trying to get the ball out,” Capers said. “We’re just trying to get them conditioned mentally. You see us every time the ball is on the ground, you see someone scooping it. We’re treating it like it’s (a live ball) just to condition everybody to get to that ball, scoop the ball and to try to get the mentality of taking the ball away. In four years, we’re No. 1 in interceptions but we aren’t close in caused and recovered fumbles.”

In my opinion, the Packers don't necessarily need to force more fumbles to have success, but it'd definitely be a luxury. 

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